Zombie Defense 2023

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About Zombie Defense 2023

Zombie Defense is a fun and addicting shooting-based arcade game. Your mission in this rogue-like game is to protect the village from zombies by firing your gun at them as they approach. To do this you’ll need to take out as many zombies as possible in the indicated time limit or claim the village checkmark once it has been cleared. - Aim your gun to take out Zombies! - Shoot them with a shotgun, an assault rifle, or any other weapon you have at your disposal! - Use different types of ammunition to take out even more zombies! - Get help from teammates and avoid dangerous enemies The objective of Zombie Defense 2023 isn’t to be the most accurate shooter on the planet. You are simply needed to eliminate as many zombies as possible while also trying to achieve a high score.

Are you ready to DEFEND your home against the walking dead? Zombie Defense 2023 has arrived, and it’s time to face your inner beast and claim your destiny. A pandemic has decimated the human race, turning us into bloodthirsty flesh-eating zombies. Now the military and private security companies are hired to take care of our gates, walls, and gates. What we don’t have time for is fighting amongst ourselves. You can help us by creating a team of the best soldiers in the world - defending our homes from Zombies! Build towers using different kinds of weapons, fortify them with explosive barrels and cannons, place traps or use stealth to kill those that would dare cross your boundary. 

Zombie defense games are some of the most fun you can have with your friends and family. You take on the role of either a Zombie or a Gun. The Zombies come in two flavors; human and undead. They will usually come at you from two different angles: 1) Stalkers, who come from behind, trying to surprise you with their speed 2) Walkers, who come out in front to make it hard for you to get a clear shot 3) Hunters, who are looking for chow time. Once they see you, they're out to get you! In this game we will be playing as Zombies and defense against Hunters is our goal. It's not an easy task by any means. 

How To Play: Zombie Defense 2023

Using Mouse