Zombie Bullet 3D

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About Zombie Bullet 3D

Zombies are alive and well in the third dimension. Luckily, you’ve hit upon a solution that will end this plague once and for all: bullets! Zombie Bullet 3D is an online action-shooting game set against the backdrop of the zombie apocalypse. You can play alone or in co-op mode with up to 4 friends via LAN or the Internet. You take on the role of a marksman who has to eliminate the undead by firing special bullets that have been imbued with special properties during their journey through space and time. Your task is not easy though, as many zombies have been brought back from the dead through advanced physics beyond our comprehension. To make matters worse, hordes of mindless troops called ‘zombies’ are attacking your virtual world from all sides. 

Zombie Bullet 3d is a first-person shooter game where you have to get as far as possible by shooting down the zombies. Get it? It's actually easier than that. In this game, you need to shoot down the zombies while avoiding their bullets in order to reach the finish line first. The better your aim, the faster you'll go - and the more zombies will die! Use rockets, grenades, or even your own body as a projectile, and don't forget about your teammates for backup! Shoot them with your weapon and they'll run away; shoot them with an arrow and they'll come straight at you. Every time you complete a level, you earn points which can be spent to buy new weapons or upgrade existing ones.

You are a soldier, who was suspended in a virtual reality game and now you have to fight against zombies. Your mission: destroy all the zombie's armies and save the world of your own game. Use your gun, grenade launcher, and drone to hunt down the zombies and kill as many as possible. - Experience intense action! Use the weapons provided in order to surpass your enemies in terms of firepower.

How To Play: Zombie Bullet 3D

Using Mouse and Keyboard