TopDown Zombie Survival Shooting

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About TopDown Zombie Survival Shooting

Zombies have taken over and it’s only going to get worse. In order to survive, you will need to create the most effective zombie-killing arsenal that you can. This means making use of various strategic weapons as well as powerful firearms. With all these factors in mind, how do you make the most effective zombie-killing arsenal? Get ready to take on the role of one of the top-down zombie survival shooting game players and fight against other players or AI zombies in various gun games or head-to-head! The fighting begins when you go head-to-head with others in this zombie combat shooting game! You have a variety of guns at your disposal so choose wisely.

Let’s face it, zombies have always been an iconic part of the horror genre. But these days, they’re being used in everything from video games to commercials. The result? A booming zombie industry that’s now worth billions. If you listen to the news, you’ll probably think that this is a bad thing. After all, there are going to be a lot more people in need of a hand. Well… yes and no. There is definitely an appetite out there for simple yet effective ways to deal with those pesky zombies. Enter: the down-and-dirty side of shooting games! When combined with WebGL technology, your Zombie Survival Shooting game will let you show off your skills while still giving you a nice challenge. 

How To Play: TopDown Zombie Survival Shooting

Using Mouse and Keyboard