Time Shooter 3: SWAT

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How To Play: Time Shooter 3: SWAT

WASD or arrow keys = move Left-click = shoot / pick up weapon Right-click or R = throw weapon F = pick up / throw shield

About Time Shooter 3: SWAT

PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds is a game that will take you back to the days of playing war games and hand-held games where you could shoot your enemies from a distance. There are no weapons or combat in this game, just people killing each other with various guns and equipment. You play as one of three soldiers who are dropped into an imaginary battleground known as “BATTLEGROUNDS”. There are other players who have also been dropped into the same location. The only way to get out is to eliminate everyone else and become the last man standing. The rules of the game are simple; you must kill all your opponents by using only the tools that were given to you at the beginning of the game. However, this simplicity soon becomes a challenge as more players join the battlefield and start fighting for their lives.

The most advanced and realistic military shooter ever made. A grand-scale online multiplayer first-person shooter game. Utilize powerful weapons, tactics andIntelise in this challenging down your enemies using an arsenal of deadly SMGs, assault rifles, and sniper rifles. Journey through multiple maps based on real-world locations like Afghanistan, Iraq, and other wars up before it is too late! Time is of the essence in The Zombie Survival Guide 3: You have only 24 hours to prevent World War III from breaking out. 

A worldwide multiplayer online game. Take part in intense tactical team missions and show who is the world's most skilled sniper. The game starts in a sniper classroom where you learn how to take target practice and qualify as a sniper. Get ready for real-life combat! (: The weapon you will use depends on where you are playing. In ARMA 3, sniping is as realistic as it gets. In WGS, even the most accurate weapon isn’t enough to bring down an opponent—you need to be one of the best snipers in the world.