Stickman Prison: Counter Assault

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About Stickman Prison: Counter Assault

You are a stickman prisoner who is being hunted down by your last boss. You must take down all of the guards with an arsenal of devastating weapons. A lot of them have been banned in several countries and it will take every ounce of your skill to avoid getting your hands on these forbidden toys. Make no mistake, you are in trouble if you get caught using any of these because that weapon will now be yours for the taking. Sticking man prison counter assault is a 3rd person shooter game where you control a stickman prisoner as he attempts to break out of prison. In this dark and twisted world, there are no innocent people or good cops, only prisons made of concrete and steel. Stickman Prison Counter Assault - combat with sticks! Fight your way through different stages using a variety of weapons including revolvers, muskets, flamethrowers, shotguns, and more! 

The Stickman Prison Counter Assault game will take you back to the third person shooter genre of games! You play as one of dozens of stickmen prisoners that are meant to work in a prison colony. When a outbreak of some kind happens, everyone locks themselves in the “Stickman” prison and refuses to come out.Juego de Stickman Prison Counter Assault. Han pasado un año desde que aparecieron los típicos avatares del digital: pilas inagotables de contenidos y móviles que se estrellan contra nuestro alma. Esta vez, las distracciones se han tornado realidad gracias a un sistema de juegos online donde participar. 

How To Play: Stickman Prison: Counter Assault

Using Mouse