Squad Alpha

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About Squad Alpha

Looking for a fun casual shooter with intuitive controls, compelling action, and authentic tactical challenges? The top-down shooting game Squad Alpha has clever mechanics, tons of amazing upgradeable weapons, and engrossing action that will pique your trigger finger and engage your strategic side.

To finish the countless levels of exhilarating action and get fantastic rewards so you can improve your equipment and show your agents are deserving of the elite Squad Alpha, duck, dodge, run, take cover, and then pick off several targets!

The top-down, logical gameplay in Squad Alpha is fun and a half to get into. However, you can't immediately charge into battle. You'll need to hold out on pulling the trigger, think through your actions, and play the angles in order to eliminate all of your adversaries and make it to the finish of each level's increasing difficulty due to the innovative mechanics and thoughtful level design.

How To Play: Squad Alpha

Using Mouse