Shoot Z

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How To Play: Shoot Z

Using Mouse

About Shoot Z

You are a kid and you want to be a sniper. You see an advertisement in the paper for a private military firm that recruits snipers. Do you wonder if you can do that when you grow up? How hard could it be to go into hiding, learn how to use a weapon, and then go out on missions? The more time you spend thinking about it, the more convinced you grow that this is something you want to do. So one day, when no one is watching, you sign up for training and become a sniper. 

You are a kid who likes to play video games. One day you discover that your real parents don’t want you to be a protagonist in a video game. Instead, they want you to play as a side character! What kind of adventures will you go on as a sniper? Your task is clear – save the world by playing as many games as possible in every conceivable genre.