Pixel Shooter

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About Pixel Shooter

Are your gun in this 2D platformer game and blast any enemies that get in your way, or just flee to the exit.

It is your responsibility to locate the level's exit. Monsters are found on every level. You can choose to kill or just flee.

An outdated asset from the Unity Asset Store was used to make this game. I anticipate you will enjoy it.

Immerse yourself in the new mobile pvp shooting game's battleground universe. Select your combatants, weapons, and equipment, come up with the best plan, and lead your team to victory! Keep in mind to stay in touch with your teammates and avoid going it alone!

Tons of weapons

There are dozens of well-known weapons available; select the one that best matches your style, whether you want to be a front-row assaulter, a back-row sniper, or a trained medic.

Stunning graphics

Any model may run the game flawlessly because of the excellent optimization, and you won't be prevented from reaching MVP status by your phone.

Multiple play modes

In addition to the thrilling real-time online combat, there is a zombie pvp mode for team killing. The influx of zombies shouldn't be a cause for concern, right?

Come take part in the free shooting experience of Pixel Shooter! You may have an authentic shooting experience with this fantastic free shooting game. Let's enjoy some enjoyable shooting together!

How To Play: Pixel Shooter

Using Mouse