Metal Guns Fury

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How To Play: Metal Guns Fury

Using Mouse and Keyboard

About Metal Guns Fury

Prepare your metal weapons and take part in Metal Guns Fury game of shooting and excitement. It's time to order your men to report for duty since a slug army has invaded and taken over an island. Play as four brave soldiers, a legendary commando squad, or other wartime heroes. Select your weapons and vehicles (tanks, mechas, etc.) and engage the enemy in destructive battles.

On several battlefields (night, day, indoor, outdoor, etc.), your men will need to employ their shooting talents. However, shooting alone won't cut it as the enemy's army's forces will continue to expand. As more and more soldiers arrive to viciously assault you, make sure your soldiers' weapons are booming the opposition.

Battle with your metal squad in thrilling encounters and destroy the entire army of the opposition. Save the islanders, free the hostages as they become imprisoned inside the enemy vanguard, protect the nation, and assassinate the enemy commander-in-chief.