Hunter Hitman

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About Hunter Hitman

You could be thinking of the "Hunter Hitman" video game series, in which the protagonist is Agent 47, a highly competent assassin charged with completing numerous missions that require executing targets in sneaky and inventive methods.

In the games, players assume control of Agent 47 and direct him or her through various settings, including cities, mansions, and other places, to find and kill their targets. As players must avoid being seen by guards and other NPCs while using various weapons and equipment to eliminate their targets, the gameplay frequently includes stealth and strategy.

The series is renowned for its open-ended gameplay, which encourages inventiveness in assassination techniques and lets players approach missions in many ways. The settings in the games are frequently expansive and intricate and are intended to be explored and used in novel ways.

Hunter Hitman has earned positive reviews from reviewers and fans alike and is renowned for its fun, realistic surroundings, and distinctive take on assassination-based gameplay.

How To Play: Hunter Hitman

Using Mouse and Keyboard