Guns of Rage

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About Guns of Rage

Guns of Rage is a side-scrolling shooter game for mobile devices inspired by classic arcade games. The game was developed as a tribute to the original side-scroller and its clones, such as 1942, Raiden, Renegade, Operation Wolf, Gun Smoke, and many more. The player will control one of the soldiers from the elite military unit "Gun Dogs" who are on a mission to save their homeland from an invading enemy force. The player will have to move through several levels in different locations such as forests, mountains, caves, and even oceans. The enemies will try to attack the player with their firearms, grenades, and explosive devices. The player can use machine guns on top of tanks or attack helicopters with anti-aircraft cannons. 

Welcome to the Guns of Rage world! Are you ready for some action? In this game, you will have to face a lot of enemies that are trying to take over your town. You must be very careful so they can’t get behind you and capture you alive. There are also other rebels who want to take over the town as well. You must train a lot in order to become a very good soldier in order to win this war and defeat your enemies! In this game, you will play the role of an army officer who has the responsibility of training his soldiers properly in order to make them better soldiers that can defend their country from any attack. In each level, there will be different enemy soldiers waiting for you. They will always be ready and eager for battle so it is up to you whether or not you can beat them! Train your troops well so they can become stronger as time passes by! 

Guns of Rage is a side-scrolling run-and-gun game where you play as a soldier who has been betrayed and left for dead. Now it's up to you to wipe out everyone around you, take revenge, and get vengeance. Use your assault rifle, pistol, shotgun, and other weapons to eliminate the enemies that stand in your way. Each level has more enemies than the previous one so you need to complete each level with great accuracy if you want to finish them all in time. 

How To Play: Guns of Rage

Using Mouse and Keyboard