Gangster Bros

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About Gangster Bros

Played dodgeball before? You now have the opportunity in this Gangster Brothers game! But this time, with actual bullets. The palace has been demolished, and Ms. Peach Princess has been abducted. He's now making fun of you! Prove to this lawless that you are not going down without a fight!

Conquer the kingdoms that lead to this villain's stronghold to regain your dignity. Anyone who would try to oppose you should be shot and destroyed! Don't let anyone catch you off guard as you try to get the most points possible. There is no other way to get your beloved Princess back.

In Gangster Bros, the player must command Mario (or Luigi, or Mr. T) to navigate traffic and flee to safety. Each level in this game will be a challenge to you.

Additionally, a level editor is available where you may design whatever you wish. To create a random save code, click export. To load your save code or another player's save code, click Import.

How To Play: Gangster Bros

Using Mouse