Funny Shooter 2

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About Funny Shooter 2

Funny Shooter 2 is a fast-paced, humorous take on the endless running shooter genre. It features modern graphics, up-to-date mechanics, and an original game.

Are you ready to become a Funny Shooter Master? In Funny Shooter 2, you will control a team of the funniest soldiers in order to protect the world from various threats. All you need to do is: - Select your character - Choose your weapon and upgrade it with power-ups - Destroy as many targets as possible and score as many points as possible! 

Fun Shooter 2, a game, fps, fantasy, shooting, gun, upgrade, WebGL, weapon, and survival This is the sequel to Fun can play as many levels as you want and try your best. You need to score at least 10 points in each level to win the game. Use different weapons to gain more points. Try not to hit the other players or objects that you are aiming at because they will hurt you too! 

How To Play: Funny Shooter 2

Using Mouse