Fields of Fury

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About Fields of Fury

An online multiplayer war game is Fields of Fury. In the game Field of Fury, grab your weapons and get ready to engage in a challenging war for survival! Put yourself in the position of a top-tier soldier in the thick of World War II and take in the breathtakingly unique graphics while experiencing the constant thrill. Have fun competing against players from around the globe in a special setting with fantastic graphics and remarkably accurate mechanics.

You will be a member of one of the two sides in the game—red or blue—and you'll have to do everything in your power to stay alive and eliminate a member of the opposing squad. Go through an unlimited environment while unlocking all the weapons available, and try to protect your back at all times. Will you be able to quickly capture every opposing flag while also dealing a ton of harm to your rivals?

In the free FPS game Fields of Fury, players attempt to seize the flag on a battlefield with a World War II theme. Select a class, then engage in combat to capture the opposing flag while protecting your own. You'll undoubtedly have a ton of alternatives open to you because there are so many different weaponry available. The first-person perspective and 3D graphics of the game. Don't forget to enlist the aid of your allies so that you can all beat the opposition. Wishing you luck and having fun with the game.

Game mode

In Fields of Fury, the goal is to return the enemy flag to your base more often than your opponent. The winning team is the one with the most flags seized. Enjoy destroying adversaries on a fantastic cartoonish World War II backdrop created for tactical warfare in addition to stealing flags.

Weapons classes

In Fields of Fury, there are three different armament classes available. You can choose to play as a machine gunner, trench gunner, or rifleman. You have an advantage in mid to long-range warfare as a rifleman. Machine gunners like the intermediate ground while trench gunners prefer close range.

Game Tips

- Find health and ammunition packets around the map.
- Keep in mind that protecting and capturing the flag is the main goal.
- The best classes for novices are riflemen and machinegunner.
- The minimap can be used to find your adversaries.


How To Play: Fields of Fury

Using Mouse and Keyboard