Downtown 1930s Mafia

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About Downtown 1930s Mafia

Upcoming VR game: Mirrors Edge - the original, and still one of the best FPSs ever made. But it's also a cyberpunk dystopian drama and an adventure game of sorts. So how does it tie into virtual reality? Well, I recently got my hands on a prototype of the highly anticipated sequel called Mirrors Edge 2. To give you an idea about what I mean, this is what it looked like: —>END— END Gameplay: The controls are simple and easy to pick up. It involves using your feet to kick backside opponents from your side of the stage, or simply running around like a chicken with its head cut off. The entire experience is focused around you jumping, ducking, spinning, and shooting at your enemies (the player characters). You also have a variety of weapons at your disposal which include guns, swords, spears & arrows. One thing that makes Mirrors Edge so unique is that you can go through walls without fear of breaking them thanks to "Mirrors" technology which allows you to see what lies ahead through them as well. Sounds simple right? Once again no need to worry if that's not your cup of tea though because most people will find this action-packed fps fun just as much as they do when they're playing against their friends in cups or lobbies.

The Downtown is a third-person shooter game where you take the role of a gangster driving around in a black limousine. You have three weapons at your disposal: an assault rifle, a shotgun, and a sedan. Drive around and kill everyone who gets in your way while staying away from any buildings or other obstacles. Use the environment to your advantage by jumping on people’s heads, hiding behind cars, and shooting from the shadows. The more enemies that you can kill, the more cash you will earn for yourself.

downtown is a third-person shooter where you take on the role of a gangster. your objective is to kill as many enemies as possible by driving through them or with weapons such as cars, machine guns, and even buses. The more enemies you dispatch, the more money and points you will get. Each level offers its own set of objectives which you must complete advancing to the next one. This game is played with up to four players locally or online against other gangs in a battle for supremacy in the underworld. 

How To Play: Downtown 1930s Mafia

Using Mouse