Battalion Commander 2

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About Battalion Commander 2

A top-down shooting game is called Battalion Commander 2. Shoot your way through the conflict zone, avoid projectiles and bullets, save your comrades in arms, invest in improvements, and guide your army to victory.

Fighting your way through enemy territory filled with soldiers, tanks, watchtowers, and helicopters while armed to the teeth. To survive and finish your mission, you'll need the assistance of your fellow troops who are being held captive by opponents, a ton of weaponry and upgradeable equipment, as well as strong skills.

The secret enemy base you will discover at the end of the quest is what you must destroy. Obviously, if you manage to survive!

You begin the mission alone, but you'll come across cages with captured allies who will eventually join your team after you free them. You also possess a potent skill that charges gradually as you walk and has a one-hit death potential for all nearby enemies!

You acquire experience and move up the ranks with each mission, expanding your squad and unlocking additional improvements.

No one is guaranteeing it will be simple, but if you fail your mission, you can reload and purchase useful upgrades and weaponry, which will enable the troops and abilities of new partners.

Main function:
- 4 leader weapons
- 3 skills
- 5 types of allied soldiers
- 30 upgrades
- endless mode
- armored vehicles that allow you to hit enemy troops!

How To Play: Battalion Commander 2

Using Mouse and Keyboard