Bank Robbery 2

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About Bank Robbery 2

Bank robbery is something that happens every now and then in the real world. However, what if your bank is robbed by a video game? This is exactly what has just happened in Russia. A video game, called Bank Robbery 2, released earlier this year, was used as the basis for an actual robbery of a bank earlier this month. The digital robbers stole just under $200,000 from a bank in the small town of Cherkessk in the Krasnodar Region. Two people have since been arrested. The Bank Robbery 2 game was developed by a small Russian-based games studio called Artifex Mundi Games.

Escaping the police and bank robbers, you are now hiding out on a farm. Your goal is to stay undetected as long as you can and make your escape when it’s safe again. Use your skills from gun handling and shooting to rob banks. In this sequel to the famous Robbery 2 game, play even more exciting missions and explore more locations. Explore every nook and corner of the farm where you are hiding out to find alternate escape routes or purchase better weapons that might help you elude the pursuers. 

The Bank Robbery is one of the most challenging and thrilling games available on Google Play. The app itself is a live shooting game that requires you to move your character around the in-game environment with a real gun in order to shoot and kill the virtual enemies that come your way. The app features three gameplay modes, each of which has its own set of missions and challenges for you. 

How To Play: Bank Robbery 2

Using Mouse and Keyboard